Tell Gov. John Hickenlooper to run for U.S. Senate

End McConnell's Majority Now!

Put service over ambition by defeating one of Trump’s biggest enablers in Cory Gardner. We need Hick’s pragmatic progressive leadership in the US Senate! Giddy Up!

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If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately. Contributions will be immediately transferred to John Hickenlooper’s U.S. Senate Campaign, should he announce.

Service Over Ambition

The best thing Hick can do for the country and Colorado is to defeat one of Trump’s biggest enablers in Cory Gardner and put an end to Mitch McConnell’s Senate majority. With your support, we’ll show Hick that if he runs, he’ll have the grassroots support he needs to WIN on day one. Your donation to this effort will IMMEDIATELY transfer to John Hickenlooper’s campaign for US Senate, should he decide to run.

As a scientist, entrepreneur and two-term Governor, John would bring a much-needed perspective to the US Senate where Mitch McConnell has blocked action on our most pressing issues including climate change, guns and healthcare.

Hick has a proven track record of getting things done for Colorado, and he’s brought people together to bring progressive change. During his time as Governor, the rate of people without health insurance dropped by half, with over 93% covered, and by some measures Colorado was the healthiest state in the nation. Colorado implemented universal background checks on guns and limits on high-capacity magazines and brought industry and environmentalists together to reduce methane emissions — a major contributor to climate change

John Hickenlooper has proven he’s willing to roll up his sleeves and reach across the aisle to tackle even the toughest challenges. That’s why we’re asking him to put service over ambition and run for the U.S. Senate. The moral fabric of America is at stake. More than ever, we need John’s pragmatic but progressive approach that will give Democrats the best opportunity to send Mitch McConnell to the minority.

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